Need equipment for your event? Contact us to book any or all of the following:
– 2 QTX 15″ active speaker
– 1 Mackie 15″ active speaker
– 2 QTX bass boxes
– 2 QTX speaker stands
– 1 Alto ZMX 6 channel PA mixer
– 1 corded microphone

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  • Learn about Beats Per Minute (BPM), cues, mixing tracks, recording and uploading
  • Learn how to download and organize tracks Create a full length mix with a range of songs
  • Understand the basic workings of the Serato DJ software and a DJ controller
  • Create a full length mix of 20-mins with a range of songs from one genre of music (Reggae, Dance hall, Afro beats, Hip Hop, R’n’B, Pop, Gospel, Grime etc)

Course Overview

  • 4x 2hr sessions
  • One-to-one teaching time
  • Beat matching by ear
  • Volume control skills
  • Track mixing
  • Equalizing, timing, phrasing, harmonic mixing, structure and song matching by BPM/key

Equipment used

  • Laptop
  • DJ Controller
  • Serato Software (Laptop)
  • Itunes
  • Hard Drive

— Taught By DJ Shunz