DJ Shunz is a premium Gospel DJ hailing out of South East London. She formerly operated under ‘Unite the Kingdom Inc’ But is now a full-time, self-employed DJ.

Shunz has over 10 years experience, starting with experience in the radio industry, she begun working as a personal assistant and the radio show producer for DJ Natty B at the age of 17, upon becoming a Christian at the age of 20. Shunz decided to give up this career and instead went to university and studied Accounting and Management.

After a few years in the corporate world, Shunz felt unfulfilled and during this time she begun messing around with music again. Her curiosity for the workings of DJ’ing on an iPad, led to her purchase of a DJ controller and after DJ’ing for her Aunts birthday, she got a taste for the life of a DJ in 2014.

Since then she has been learning and developing her skills as a DJ. DJ Shunz has now taken up the baton as a Gospel DJ in her own right and has years of experience of DJ’ing at various Gospel and secular events.

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